Habitica for Injuries

On my page, Jujimufu on Injuries #104, I mentioned the possibility of using Habitica to help motivate you to rehabilitate any injury you may have. Create a Daily like this one:


A Daily list of things to do to come back from an injury!


  1. Bob Castro says:

    Dear Jujimufu,

    I had fisure on L3 Vertebra a few months ago. I practice capoeira and since then the recovery has actually been good. When doing spinning kicks I still get a few chronic contractions on my back sides. I have been working consistenly on improving my core strenght according to what the physical therapyst said but I would like to know if suggest something specifically for the back/lumbar area.

    Bob Castro
    San Jose, Costa Rica

    • Jujimufu says:

      Hi Bob,

      I’ve suffered nearly zero back injuries since I started training. I’ve had a twinge or two, a tweak once or thrice, but nothing big, and nothing at least for the past several years. I attribute my healthy back to the stupid amount of muscle I have surrounding my spine.


      All that back muscle protects my spine. I’ve visited a chiropracter a couple times and he said I have the healthiest back he’s ever seen, and he said himself it’s because of the muscle.

      The recipe is tons of safe but high effort deadlifting, lots of rowing movement, and some vertical pulling (pullups). Build back muscle and you’ll be good to go, just don’t hurt yourself building it!

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