Habitica Weekers

weeker is a temporary Daily that you use for a week. Honestly I just made the word up, haha. Here is a weeker:


I’d do this just to jump start my shoulder mobility. Then I’d quit. I could do it for any amount of time I wanted to, but I’d set a target duration. In this case, 1 week. Since I know I only have to do this for 1 week, it’s a little easier to convince myself to do it: there is an end in sight. Just in case you’re curious, here are the exercises in this daily. I do them at home.






Indefinite Habits and Dailies can be daunting. Just one more thing after another after another after another. Time, energy, and will are limited resources. Use Weekers to more accurately represent your current needs through Habitica, thus, making the game more effective and purposeful.


  1. Austin says:

    This is great; I also use a similar idea for To-Dos that I know I won’t get done in one go. I make sure to have a daily habit for them, and add just one piece of them at a time so I don’t have to see the whole list.

    • Jon Call says:

      Austin, I don’t quite understand what you mean exactly? Sorry my brain isn’t picking it up? What do you mean you are doing again?

  2. Austin says:

    For bigger goals like school projects, I set up a daily that says to work X amount of time on the project. I also set up a To-Do for the project, but I only include the next step so seeing the whole list doesn’t demotivate me to get my daily work.

  3. Dogen says:

    Awesome article–I’ve been on Habit RPG for a bit now and absolutely love it.
    With regards to the stretches that you’ve mentioned in the article, do you do any kind of warm up beforehand, or simply jump right in?

  4. Lees Dragon says:

    Oh damn, is this THE Dogen? The monster who made some of the best abstract tricking tutorials back in the day?
    If so, I must say, it’s fuckin awesome to see you again bro.
    So much love and respect for what you helped us learn back in the good ‘ole days.
    Definitely a name that makes me happy to see after so many years. <3

  5. Dogen says:

    Hey Lee! Yes, that’s me. I had given up on serious tricking for a while due to injuries, but the articles here have made me rethink my mindset and approach to training, and recently I’ve been powerlifting around the pain as well as visiting a sports massage therapist (very cheap in Japan).

    Glad to hear that you liked the old tutorials, and good to be back in the community!

  6. Dogen says:

    Awesome, thanks for the response.

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