Jujimufu’s Habitica guide


This is my Habitica avatar and stats.  I’ve been playing this game for 2+ years and I love it.  If you’re a fan of oldschool RPGs, 8-bit pixel art, and need something to help you keep track of important actions and habits in your life, you may like this game too. If you want to play this game with me sign up it’s free.

I play Habitica everyday

Everyday I use my desktop computer, I just keep a tab pinned in my browser for Habitica so I can check it at intervals. When I’m not at my computer I use my smartphone to access the Habitica website to update my daily progress.

My Habitica tasks

You can setup Habitica anyway you want. Here is just one of my Daily checklists:


Everyday I strive to finish this checklist. I change my setup often but Staying Healthy is a mainstay!

Ways I play Habitica

Here are some effective and fun ways I’ve discovered to play Habitica!

Habitica for Training
Habitica for Injuries
Habitica Choice Dailies
Habitica Piggybank projects
Habitica Hard mode
Habitica Root Habits
Habitica Setup Refresh
Habitica Weekers


  1. I’m about to check this Habit RPG out!

  2. Taegashi says:

    OMGosh this is amazing!!! Where has this app been?! Downloading now!

  3. SmokeyDingo says:

    Thank you for this juji!

    I get a new smart phone this week, but i’ve already set up a character on my pc.

    Time to see if this can help my inner nerd channel some motivation!!

    • Jon Call says:

      The desktop version is a much better experience than the app. They’re working on making the app better, but it’s still a long ways off. If I’m using my smartphone I just access the website through the browser on my phone.

      • Taegashi says:

        Yeah I just figured that out….unfortunate since most of my internet experience is through my phone unless I’m at school or the library. My internet at the house right now is maxed out until the end of the month. I only get 10GB a month.

  4. SA says:

    First time reading about HabitRPG, very interesting. I have never played RPGs may be this would be a good introduction.

  5. JuteGee says:

    I am a huge fan of oldschool 8-bit retro games but I thought I’ll be too lazy to play habitrpg, cause I am lazy person when it cames to pc/games…
    But man… This thing forces to work on my flexibility!!!

  6. Sbr says:

    Thanks for introducing this Juji! only a week in and it really effects my day to day choices. avoiding some bad habits(unnecessary browsing, social media, youtube) even caused a little bit of anxiety for some reason. but damn it feels good to complete those compounded dailies, and it hurts to click that negative habit.

  7. AidenBloodaxe says:

    I might try this out. I currently use a spreadsheet which is working quite well. Especially for my bass guitar practice ( http://i.imgur.com/KVqsiPc.jpg ). I do have a sheet for my daily habits, but I’ve found that ones I never defined got skimped on. For example, with “Coding/Programming” I might have spent 5 minutes earning meaningless points on codecamdey/khanacademy so I could color in my block, instead of actually learning how to create my own website project from scratch doing it ‘the hard way’. I’m overcoming this by defining “Coding/Programming” as working on my website for 1 hour, for example, instead of point collecting(earning points and learning basic programming functions can be useful though). When you sit down to accomplish this, you can get even more specific like “check out the Jquery library for a page turning function and incorporate this into my code” depending on the day and what needs to be done.

    You have to watch out for the ambiguity, I think you’ve mentioned something similar in a different post. Yeah, just found it here http://acrobolix.com/put-your-goals-to-work/ .

  8. Toli Man says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Its the most productive game ever and I love it!

  9. JuteGee says:

    It works just great! Haven’t skipped any flexibility training so far which is hardest thing for me. And my strength training got better, cause when I hit PR, with perfect form, I get experience! Only one thing that kills me daily is FOOD! I always eat lots of good quality healthy foods, but because of my genetics I add shit to it. I eat lots of bad carbs and still LOOSE fat. I Must fix that issue. 😀

  10. Berto says:

    I’ve found a great way to make large compounded dailies easier to approach. First, I had a daily that includes something I almost always do with something I tend to forget to do, in my case drinking 2+ litres of water and to take my medicine. It’s great because I have to take my medicine if I want to get the xp, but I would drink the water anyway.

    Once I got used to this after a few days, I added ‘do physiotherapy exercises’ to the list. Now again I had a list containing 2 things I always do (water, medicine) with something I didn’t always do (physio exercises). So I started doing my physio exercises every day to get my xp. A few days later, I added static stretching with the same effect.

    I’ve found it easier to expand my daily checklist like this because it’s like I’m getting a few days (around 4-5) to quickly set up a habit for the things I need to do before I add another to the link. Worth mentioning that this may be a good way to increase your difficulty slowly over time.

    • Jon Call says:

      Berto, I’m going to do what you just described. I was running HabitRPG for 6 weeks without changing it, and it was working great, then it stopped working suddenly. The reason is because now I have new tasks and goals to reach and my setup on HabitRPG became this robotic OCD thing that was more of a distraction from my new objectives. So I shrunk it down and need to rebuild it back up to match my current objectives, just the way you describe it, with compounded lists starting with easy things and then one more difficult thing at a time. It’s hard to justify not doing that one hard thing if you’ve done 5 easier things…

  11. AidenBloodaxe says:

    I wasn’t fond of this idea at first, but I’m going to give it a try since I’m doing some very lengthy and meticulous habit logs anyway & I am a old school 8-bit fan.

    Thinking about it, this is a genius way to tap into gamers large reward centers & encourage them to actually get stuff done in their life.

    I think a good strategy would be to set the habits you don’t yet have locked-down and want to acquire in the habit section, and promote them to dailies after you’ve proved successful for 21 or 28 days(On average the amount of time it is said to make a habit “stick”/semi-permanent & ingrained). So all dailies would consist of habits you already have ingrained, but are there for a reminder and then are compounded for greater difficulty.

    My first Quest / To do is to begin tricking! Jupiter himself conspires against me, I was hoping to have my first session tomorrow, but the heavens have opened here in the UK so it might not be this weekend.

    • Jon Call says:

      I did this strategy too for a few things. Moved them into compounded dailies after I tapped into that “reward center” by racking up points with them as normal dailies.

  12. AidenBloodaxe says:

    Also, we should create an Acrobolix group / challenge.

  13. AidenBloodaxe says:

    Good question. Hm…

    – Read articles of yours you think essential for people interested in acrobolic tricking.
    – Define where you’re at in terms of being an acrobolic trickster & begin taking action towards such ends.
    – | Skinny tricksters start lifting.
    – | Lifters start tricking.
    – | Sedentary people start moving(& tricking).

    – Commit to tricking [ # ] times a week.
    – Find 3 areas of flexibility you need to work on and do it…daily.
    – Start a training/tricking log.
    – Learn [ # ] basic tricks.
    – Soft tissue work everyday

    You see the kind of direction I’m going and you’re going to have much better ideas than I do.

    The quests / dailies could be grouped into levels of advancement such as novice, intermediate, veteran, brave, coward, flippers, kickers etc.
    – Read these[ # ] essential articles
    – Define where you are.
    – Pick 3 basic tricks you want to learn this year.
    – Learn them.
    – create a tricking log.

    – Attain ‘benchmark’ strength levels
    – Master all ‘basic’ tricks.
    – Create 5 combos.
    – Find 5 tricking spots in your home town.

    etc. some random humorous ones wouldn’t go amiss too, haha.

  14. AidenBloodaxe says:

    Novice nutrition dailies:
    – 100g protein / day
    – No junk
    Novice flexibility dailies:
    – 15 minutes Dynamic stretches in the morning / pre-tricking.
    – 20 minutes static stretches at night.

    Intermediate nutrition dailies:
    – 200g protein per day
    – 40:40:20 P:C:F

    Intermediate flexibility dailies:
    – Soft tissue work
    – 15 minutes Dynamic stretches in the morning / pre-tricking.
    – 15 minutes weak area flexibility training
    – 30 minutes static stretches at night.

    Each level of advancement could have a more interesting name e.g. Beginner = Wet kitten, moderately experience = Domesticated wombat…

    In order to advance to the next level you could attain a certain amount of gems, gold, silver, XP or days consistency.

  15. Rodolfo says:

    Wow, that’s so amazing!
    Thanks for showing how this works Juji!

  16. Valvolt Nova says:

    God, this game really works! (if played properly)
    I keep throwing new daily habits in compound dailies, so I manage not to skip them.
    Flagged “playing videogames” as a pitfall, haven’t done it in two weeks already.
    My cheat meals aren’t that cheaty but I lower my HP regardless, so I’ll be more mindful not to do that again.
    And then, one of my favourite quest is “1h Self coaching”: something like improving my warm-up routines and my training programs.
    Also, “Mental workout”: finding inside me a wave of motivation that ‘Curaga’ me from the boredom I experience during work and gets me ready for training.
    Totally life-changing! 🙂

    • Jon Call says:

      As of writing this I still use it everyday. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. 🙂 How long have you been playing and what class did you choose if you reached level 10?

  17. Gohdan says:

    I notice you have 1000 jump ropes in your daildailies. I’ve been wondering whether jumping rope holds any significant benefit for tricking/vertical leap over other conditioning exercises. For someone who doesn’t have a regime anywhere near the same as yours, how highly would you prioritise it? Or do you do it to avoid injury at higher impact?

    Love the old and new sites, thanks for all the useful info. By the way, is that flexibility book you mentioned a while ago actually going to happen? I’m 6’4”, 25 years old and new to tricking so I need all the help I can get! Cheers!

    • Jon Call says:

      It’s not in my dailies at the moment but it should be. Jump roping is, in my opinion, probably one of the most hardcore forms of “cardio” … And despite what John Meadows and many people say about cardio, I don’t agree with him or them, I think cardio is good. I don’t do it myself at the moment but I feel it’s good to do for bloodflow, delivering nutrients, cardiovascular health… Anyway…

      For a trickster I think jump roping specifically holds special benefits in strengthening the foot, ankle, calf, shin musculature for bullet proofing against sprains… So yes, helps avoid injury at higher impact and increase foot proprioception, since it’s basically tons of mini jumps. I should be doing it, but I’m not at the moment because I’m lazy…

      The flexibility book will happen next year. Thanks for your interest.

      btw I still play HabitRPG. Gonna update this page soon with more ideas for using it as an athlete and in general…

  18. Jon Call says:

    Page has been updated, check out the guides at the bottom. 😉

  19. Arian says:

    This is such a cool idea!
    Downloaded the App as I have a whole list of projects and ideas that I haven’t finished and a whole bunch of others that didn’t get started!

  20. Valvolt Nova says:

    Juji, sorry for not having read you reply. I skipped it for some reason.
    Well, at the moment I’m not playing it. I barely reached level 2 because I played it hardcore mode and for not so long.
    I’d like to play it again and join the Acrobolix guild but I should set it up properly. Before playing it again, I feel I should assess what I’m striving for in this period.
    Sooner or later, I’ll be back and ready to level up my avatar (and thus myself) again. 🙂

  21. Alex G. says:

    Thanks for this! The guides really helped. I built a group with friends I am training with. I encouraged them to use the compound dailies and the HARD mode version (at least some of the habits!)

    This is too good.

  22. Billy K. says:

    Hey Juji. This is my first time commenting but I’ve been following your stuff since tricks tutorials. Really excited about HabitRPG, started using it over the weekend. How can I go about joining the Acrobolix guild?

    And thanks for posting all of this amazing stuff! Has genuinely improved my life following your advice!

  23. John says:

    Thank you for sharing this game! It has made a big difference in my productivity. Maybe a small inroad as well just cause I like messing around on it lol. Add me to your guild!


  24. Berto says:

    Hey Juji, mind if I join the guild?

  25. Chibley Jean-Felix says:

    What can I add to your guild? I can outsource some things for you or help moderate if this is possible in a Habitrpg guild (just starting out.)

  26. Valvolt Nova says:

    Ok Juji, I’m finally in! My id: b0867065-cd90-4d82-a952-9ea47646234e

  27. Yach. says:

    Any chance to get to the guild?

  28. Chi says:

    Would love to join aswell.

  29. boinloins says:

    I am ready to train master Juji.


  30. Patryk says:

    Wow! This is the best to-do app ever! I was looking for something like that for ages! Thanks Jujimufu! Everyday i’m doing my job in Habitica, and maybe it’s time to kick some monster ass 🙂 I’m sending to you my id on a mail. See you soon in your guild! Your the boss man! You rule! 😀

  31. Artur says:

    I have never been this productive before… Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Can I join your Guild Juji?


  32. Adam says:


  33. 86Hunter says:

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  34. Crash says:

    Hello Juji!

    I would love to join the guild as well. I hope that’s still possible.
    Here’s my ID: e707cc8b-91bc-4962-acac-f3d831fda5cf
    Thank You!

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