Jujimufu’s Habitica guide


This is my Habitica avatar and stats.  I’ve been playing this game for 2+ years and I love it.  If you’re a fan of oldschool RPGs, 8-bit pixel art, and need something to help you keep track of important actions and habits in your life, you may like this game too. If you want to play this game with me sign up it’s free.

I play Habitica everyday

Everyday I use my desktop computer, I just keep a tab pinned in my browser for Habitica so I can check it at intervals. When I’m not at my computer I use my smartphone to access the Habitica website to update my daily progress.

My Habitica tasks

You can setup Habitica anyway you want. Here is just one of my Daily checklists:


Everyday I strive to finish this checklist. I change my setup often but Staying Healthy is a mainstay!

Ways I play Habitica

Here are some effective and fun ways I’ve discovered to play Habitica!

Habitica for Training
Habitica for Injuries
Habitica Choice Dailies
Habitica Piggybank projects
Habitica Hard mode
Habitica Root Habits
Habitica Setup Refresh
Habitica Weekers