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This is Scary Sticky Goat Tape with the Acrobolix logo on it. Why am I selling this here? Because for the past few months I’ve been finding more and more uses for Goat Tape. I’ve come to love it and use it almost daily not only for training reasons, but for medical reasons, domestic reasons, and fun reasons. It’s different than every other tape I’ve used. This stuff is so badass I just had to sell it myself. I think you should buy a couple rolls and just leave them in plain site at your place. I guarantee within a couple months you will be reaching for it for weird reasons like me, and be thankful and delighted it was there. You will come to love and use it often!

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This product is Acrobolix branded Scary Sticky Goat Tape. It is 1.5″ wide by 10 yards long.


Goat Tape is the world’s first athletic tape designed specifically with CrossFitters in mind. It is crafted with a proprietary adhesive that provides protection and support through the toughest workouts. Scary Sticky is primarily formulated for wrist, thumb, and finger taping for Olympic weightlifting movements during training.