Affordable Pre-Workout


Affordable Pre-Workout



I’m not trying to innovate the pre-workout product market by giving you something that should be so potent it should be illegal, I’m here to tell you there is nothing out there like that (that is legal). I decided instead to give you something entirely different: an affordable pre-workout product! We’re saving money by not including tons of useless ingredients my competitors are that give you the perception of quality. Affordable pre-workout has the essential ingredients at the lowest cost. Save some damn money!

Serving Size: 10g (1 scoop)
Servings Per Container: 30



Besides being affordable, here are some other things to describe our pre-workout:

Decent “fruit punch” flavor with no artificial colors

I hate fruit punch flavored things. They upset my stomach and gross me out. When I found out the most affordable flavor to bring this product to market was “fruit punch” my heart sank. Thankfully we had the option to make some modifications to make it the most palatable fruit punch flavor ever. The flavor addition is “light” so it’s a mild fruit punch. Next, there are no artificial colors. Artificial colors, especially Red #40, have a tendency to cause upset stomach in some people (including me). Beet Root has been added to provide the color profile. I’m very pleased with the flavor and coloring turn out for our product!

Flexible caffeine dose

Caffeine is super cheap, so while we could have easily added more, we wanted to make sure you didn’t have to halve your serving if you were sensitive to it. Doing that would halve all the other ingredients that matter in your use. So we settled for 150 mg per scoop which is a flexible and manageable dose. Two scoops will bring you up to harder pre-workout amounts of caffeine, while halving the dose would be good for a “top-off” dose if you’ve already consumed a lot of caffeine throughout the day, and want just a smidge of something for an evening workout.


There isn’t much more to say about this product. It’s simple, it gets the job done, and it’s affordable. Enjoy!

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