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Coffee is the original pre-workout

I love coffee. It is my favorite vice, my always helpful ally. I start every day, first thing upon waking, with a couple cups of coffee. Then ten minutes later, I have another cup. By the third hour I’m awake, I’ll have downed my first pot of coffee right before my early noon workout. And down that last bit goes at an even pace until early evening when I retire the coffee demon until the next morning.

Introducing Jujimufu brew

This is my own version of Kimera Koffee (Pre-Ground) High Altitude Premium coffee. This is a slightly dark roast product infused with premium-grade nootropics, which are powerful cognitive enhancers that improve some aspect of mental function. This product is a little pricey yeah, but so is fine wine: treat it as such, it’s nice to have something premium in your cupboard for that special day!

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For full information about what Kimera Koffee is about be sure to check their website! You can visit here in a new tab in your browser: www.kimerakoffee.com