Roll your feet

I sprained my ankle a couple months ago. The recovery has been challenging and slow. I’m actually skilled at coming back from injuries but this one is taking its time.

Jujimufu's sprained ankle

March 2012 Jujimufu sprains his ankle failing a ch.900 double_2_aerial combo. It buckled after landing the ch.900 double.

Then I started rolling the bottoms of my feet. Aggressively. I’d do it for 2 minutes before brushing my teeth, and 1-2 minutes again after brushing my teeth (like 2 sets). I did this every morning before putting my work shoes on, and sometimes in the evening after taking my work shoes off. I used a combination of PVC pipe, baseball and golfball. After about two weeks, I saw dramatic improvement not only in how my ankles felt, but also in my problematic patellar tendon underneath my knee cap. Also I realized it was an unaddressed problem area, because it hurt like crazy at first, then it stopped hurting completely after 10 days. I think that is indicative that it was a problem.

Anyway, I was astounded that such a small detail could have such a big impact on how I felt. Try it if you have ankle or knee issues. Roll the bottoms of your feet before putting your shoes on for the day, and again after you take your shoes off for the day. Do it hardcore, with a grimace on your face. And leave these tools where you keep your shoes so it’s convenient. See if it helps you too.

3 Replies to “Roll your feet”

  1. drewandy says:

    Haha this article is a hidden gem! The benefits from rolling your feet is just phenomenal. Coming from an Asian background, I grew up with this:
    My parents keep it in the kitchen so whenever we do the dishes, they kill two birds with one stone!

    1. Jon Call says:

      That’s really cool! Asian parents always seem to have tricks up their sleeves… Taegashi’s mom could do some of the deepest squats I’ve ever seen when she’d try to get something out of a bottom cupboard, and this was a 50+ year old woman…

  2. Redbeard says:

    Trying right now…hurts so good. If my knee pain goes away I owe you!

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