ask jujimufu

You ask Jujimufu, and Jujimufu responds. Here are some questions I get through the contact form on this website and directly through e-mail, and here are my responses for everybody to see!

Ask Jujimufu 12 – Books

October 22, 2015 Other

What books had the most positive impact on me?

Ask Jujimufu 11 – Cut long hair for job?

June 6, 2015 Other

When is a hair cut appropriate?

Ask Jujimufu #10 – Evening training stimulants, rituals, naps, and more

March 2, 2015 Training

Tips for evening training.

Ask Jujimufu #9 – Training LB/UB differently for Acrobolix

November 19, 2014 Training

Does it make sense to train your upper and lower body differently for Acrobolix?

Ask Jujimufu #8 – Juji’s Ring Training

September 25, 2014 Training

All about my ring training experience.