strength training

3 best powerlifting variations for tricking

September 30, 2015 Training

The best variations of the deadlift, back squat, and bench press for tricking

The 2 critical logging rules

September 28, 2015 Training

The only useful logs of any kind must follow 2 critical rules.

The 1 essential logging truth

September 23, 2015 Training

98% of my logs and journals are now useless. Read why.

Ask Jujimufu #9 – Training LB/UB differently for Acrobolix

November 19, 2014 Training

Does it make sense to train your upper and lower body differently for Acrobolix?

Ask Jujimufu #8 – Juji’s Ring Training

September 25, 2014 Training

All about my ring training experience.