Trim your toe nails!

December 10, 2010 Training
Jujimufu, injury, toe

Reverse aerial in 2003.

Jujimufu, stubbed toe

Tornado kick to aerial in 2004.

Jujimufu, injury, toe

Axe2aerial in 2005.

Jujimufu, Zombie, Viking

How we all feel about Toe nail explosions.

Jujimufu, toes

Do you see this? This is bad!

Jujimufu, toenails


Jujimufu, toenails

A job well done.

Coming next episode: cheeks and gums!

Jujimufu, bitten cheek

I bit my cheek eating almonds.

Jujimufu, Gingivitis

I didn’t brush my teeth for 18 days!

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