Tricking day dreams

June 1, 2012 Training

A trickster’s biggest source of motivation to trick comes from the crazy tricking visions they see in their heads when they listen to music or day dream: scenes of themselves tricking like a bad ass.

If you don’t have these crazy tricking visions, keep watching inspiring tricking videos for the next few weeks and see what happens when you go about your daily life. When you listen to music, see if you see a more bad ass version of yourself doing this tricking thing. These day dreams should make you itch to trick. So you will do it. And you will film it. Then you’ll get some video editing software and you will edit a tricking video. Then you’ll upload it and share it.

These tricking-day-dreams and this tricking-video-sampler-making-thing are the self-motivational secrets of us tricksters.


  1. Taegashi says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this

  2. Josiah says:

    Taegashi, I’m off into my own little ADD world all the time with tricking, lol. I think every true tricker does this.

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