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Go carbs, go!

What is Glycopump? Is it my product, why is it here? It’s here because I’m partnered in making supplements with Vitamuscle Nutrition (all Acrobolix line is manufactured through Vitamuscle). I partnered with Vitamuscle because I like their products and I like them. That’s why I work with them.

Glycopump is my favorite product from the Vitamuscle line. It’s what I drink when I work out. I work out everyday, so yes, that means I drink this everyday. It’s the highest quality, and most digestible carbohydrates combined with the highest quality amino acids that your body metabolizes for energy and assimilates into new tissues. It’s what your muscles and brain use for energy and for growth. No, this isn’t a “pre-workout” kiddos, the body does not run exclusively on stimulants, get a grip! The body runs primarily on calories and nutrients. Food is essential, but for the most demanding workouts, and for the rigors of balancing a bunch of different types of training like I do with Acrobolix training, I use Glycopump because it really helps me and it’s the best stuff on the market in this category of supplements. One tub lasts a long time too, so it’s a damn good value and it tastes great too! Combine it with high quality protein powder for the most anabolic peri-workout drink.

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Glycopump nutrition facts

Description from Vitamuscle’s product page::

GlycoPump with AminoZorb BCAA 2:1:1 is the most powerful and satisfying muscle building/extreme performance formula available! No other formula out performs the unique blend of powerful active-agents that GlycoPump provides. Our quick-absorbing, immediate-acting and long-lasting GlycoPump formula contains all the necessary means to jump-start your system with the utmost revolutionary matrix of nutrients including Karbolyn®, GlutaZorb® glutamine, a PowerForce matrix of electrolytes and supporting nutrients, and now with the highly acclaimed AminoZorb® BCAA 2:1:1 derived from beets.

Due to the powerful quick-absorbing nature of GlycoPump, this product may be used before, during and after each training session. From massive pumps, intense carb-loading, high-level endurance know how, muscle glycogen for recovery, powerful BCAA’s, to a highly concentrated L-Glutamine source, GlycoPump has everything and more to make it your number one solution for performance and recovery!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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